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Winter Sports Broadcasting Schedule (1-13-2016)
Winter Sports Broadcasting Schedule**
December Games:
12/4 Girls Basketball vs Williamsport (8:30PM)
12/5 Girls Basketball vs Northeastern (7:30PM)
12/8 Boys Basketball vs Harrisburg (7:30PM)
12/11 Girls Basketball vs Carlisle (7:30PM)
12/15 Boys Basketball @ Central Dauphin (7:30PM)
12/16 Wrestling @ Carlisle (6:00PM)
12/17 Wrestling vs Central Dauphin East (7:00PM)
12/18 Girls Basketball @ Chambersburg (7:30PM)
12/19 Wrestling @ Central Mountain (7:00PM)
12/22 Girls Basketball vs Central Dauphin East (7:30PM)

January Games:
1/5 Girls Basketball @ Cumberland Valley (7:15PM)
1/6 Wrestling vs Altoona (7:00PM)
1/9 Wrestling @ Cumberland Valley Duals (9:00AM)
1/13 Boys Basketball vs State College (7:00PM)
1/14 Wrestling vs Central Dauphin (7:00PM)
1/15 Boys Basketball vs Carlisle (7:30PM)
1/19 Girls Basketball @ Central Dauphin (7:30PM)
1/20 Wrestling vs West Perry (7:00PM)
1/21 Wrestling vs Harrisburg (7:00PM)
1/22 BMS Boys & Girls Basketball vs St. Josephs Catholic Academy (6:00PM & 7:30PM)
1/23 Girls Basketball @ State College (~ 6:30PM)
1/26 Boys Basketball vs Central Dauphin East (7:30PM)
1/27 Girls Basketball vs Harrisburg (7:30PM)
1/28 Wrestling @ State College (7:00PM)
1/29 Boys Basketball @ Cumberland Valley (7:30PM)
1/30 Boys Basketball vs Lampeter-Strasburg (7:00PM)

February Games:
2/2 Girls Basketball vs State College (7:30PM)
2/5 Girls Basketball vs Hollidaysburg (7:30PM)
2/9 Boys Basketball vs Hollidaysburg or BMS Boys vs East Juniata (7:30PM)
2/13 Boys and Girls Basketball @ Altoona (1:00PM & 2:30PM)

Your Hometown Station for SPORTS (12-14-2015)
Your Hometown Station is known for our commitment to covering local sports in Mifflin, Juniata, & surrounding areas for years. You can listen to live play-by-play action on your radio or online as we cover everything from football to basketball, softball to field hockey, and wrestling from the home mats to the state finals in Hershey!

As our local athletes advance to the next level, we are right there with them supporting their efforts & cheering their victories. You can be right there with them by your listener support & by advertising your business during our local sports coverage events. Contact us at 717-242-1493 if your business would like to be a part of our winning team!